Documents & Consultations


FSP Strategic Plan 2020-2023

Roma Helpline Evaluation Report

Holyland Transition Study

Consultation Responses


Strengthening VCSE Sectors Participation and Representation in Community Planning in Belfast

FSP Response to Good Relation Strategy

Response to the Belfast Green and Blue Infrastructure Plan

FSP Response to Belfast Local Development Plan 2035



Draft Market Regeneration Plan 2017 Consultation Response

South Belfast Health Forum PL2 Response

Leave No One Behind: LDP Consultation Response


Parking Strategy Consultation Response

Proposals for the Provision of Strategic Support to the Voluntary and Community Sector in Northern Ireland 2017-2021 Response

PEACE IV Consultation Response

Programme for Government Response

Belfast City Council Linen Quarter Consultation


Draft Lifeline Public Consultation Questionnaire

Belfast Area Partnerships Employability and Skill Consultation Questions

Consultation Response on the Belfast Planning Service Statement of Community Involvement

Consultation Questionnaire-Bereaved by Suicide Support Model

Social Clause Consultation Response

South West Gateway Consultation Response

Draft Statutory Guidance for Operation of Community Planning Response

Environmental Impact Assessment Response


Cover Letter for OFMDFM Racial Equality Consultation

Active Ageing Strategy Consultation Questionnaire HASP

Emotional Resilience Strategy Response

Developer Contributions Consultation Response

Consultation Questionnaire – Lifeline Crisis Response Service

Economic Inactivity Consultation Response

Response to Draft Budget

Response to Community Planning Partners

Belfast Masterplan Review Summary

DSC Children and Young People Strategy Consultation Response


Response to Future Railways Investment Consultation

Alcohol & Drugs Framework South Belfast Cover Letter

BCIP Pre-Consultation Letter

A Response to the Consultation on Fit and Well SBHWF

Learning to Learn Cover Letter

Response Questionnaire – Early Years Framework

Putting Pupils First Response

Autism Consultation Response Letter

Childcare Strategy Consultation Support Letter

Transforming Your Care Consultation Response

Windsor Park Planning Application Consultation Response

Planning Bill Consultation Response

Urban Clearways Consultation Response

Repeal of Pedlars Act & Changes to Street Trading


Response to BCC Draft Investment Programme

Response to BCC Poverty & Inequalities Framework

Response to Boundary Commission Consultation

Response to URCD Policy Framework Consultation

Boundary Commission Response

BCC Poverty & Inequalities Framework – Response

Response to BCC Draft Investment Programme

City Airport Planning Letter

Housing Strategy Consultation Response

Priorities for Youth Response


Response to Rapid Transit Consultation

Draft Planning Policy Statement 23 – Enabling Development Consultation Response


Response to Belfast on the Move Consultation