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Our Mission & Objectives

Our mission is to contribute to population outcomes by creating and sustaining the conditions through which collaborative working and collective impact can happen. This means we usually have an enabling role, supporting coordinated work by local partners as we believe regeneration can only occur by working collectively to deliver Community + Economic + Physical + Social Development. Occasionally we directly operate new initiatives to fill gaps to test new approaches that deliver innovative opportunities/ programmes with communities in the most disadvantaged areas of South Belfast.

As a Partnership Board we fulfil six roles.

  • Provide strategic direction
  • Mobilise resources
  • Engage policy makers
  • Provide a collective community voice
  • Promote evidence driven action
  • Cultivate a culture of collaboration

We have seven outcomes through which we deliver our projects:

  • Healthy people and helpful services
  • All young people have options
  • Cultural expression and participation for all
  • Harmonious, safe and diverse communities
  • A good environment for happy neighbourhoods
  • Real income options in a sustainable economy
  • Connected, proactive, powerful communities
The FSP Team

Our People

Briege Arthurs

Chief Executive Officer

Clare Flynn

Strategic Health Officer

Azadeh Sobout

Urban Regeneration Officer

Clare Dumigan

Economic Development Officer

Kevin McGarry

Connecting Communities


Emily Brown

Community Health

Capacity Officer 

Kevin Molloy

Finance Manager


Amanda Neuman

Administration Officer


Fiona Molloy

FSP Associate


Jane Turnbull

FSP Associate


Forward South Partnership Board

Forward South Partnership Board is run by the communities of South Belfast and reports to the Charity Commission for N Ireland. We are governed by 5 community people who are elected by the network of over 107 South Belfast local community organisations and 5 Belfast city Councillors elected by the local voters and nominated to our Board by BCC Democratic Services. These 10 local people are our Trustees/Directors who in turn co-opt 5 people from local businesses/ private sector as trustees. Our local statutory services provide 5 observers to the Board.

Community Sector

Political Sector

Private Sector

Statutory Sector Observers

Natasha Brennan
Heather Carey
Helen Crickard (Vice-Chair)
Joan Henderson
Bríd Ruddy

Cllr Tracy Kelly (Treasurer)
Cllr Emmet McDonough-Brown
Cllr Gary McKeown

Cllr John Gormley

Cllr Sarah Bunting

Dee Corbett (Secretary)
Michael Graham (Chair)
Patricia McNeill
Seamus Reid
Michael Stewart

Geoff Beattie
Jim Dunbar
Paul McCombe
Bryan Nelson
Michael Fox